The Shofar Factory

Through unique media and innovative presentation, participants gain insight into the significance of the Shofar and the celebration of Rosh Hashanah.

The traditional shofar comes to life in a breathtaking display of rams horns, goat horns and life-size animal heads. The students are encouraged to touch and examine the different kinds of horns as they prepare to create their very own shofar.

Participants partake in the sawing, drilling, finishing and shellacking of a shofar. In addition, the children practice the four different shofar sounds on their newly fashioned genuine shofar, and take home their own hand-crafted finished product.

There are several options how to go about this workshop:

Option I
Recommended Age: +4

Duration: 45 min.
Student Cap: 45

Participants cure, saw, drill, and finish a ram’s horn to create a genuine, kosher shofar. The shofar is shared by the classroom.

Option II
Duration: 50m – 1:45m
Student Cap: 25

During this workshop, each student makes his/her own shofar. They cure, saw, drill, finish and shellac a ram’s horn to create a genuine, kosher shofar.

Please note: Curing and drilling is recommended for 4th grade and up. Preschool through third grade, only sanding and shellacking is recommended.

Set up Fee: $100
Cost per Show: $98
Cost per child: $13