The Havdala Workshop

Recommended Age: 5 +
Duration: 45 minutes
Cap: 28 students
Students Take Home: Havdalah Candle, Spice Holder and Laminated Havdalah Card

A spiritual ceremony, Havdalah, separates the holy Shabbat from the upcoming weekdays. It signifies that distinction between holy and mundane.

This workshop is perhaps the most entertaining workshop of all. It includes a candle making experience, where the students dip long wicks into hot beeswax and watch in awe as the wax hardens and creates the traditional braided Havdalah candle. The light of the Havdalah candle is reflected in their eyes as this popular ritual comes to life.

The students also make a fragrance holder for use in the Havdalah ceremony. With their very own candle and Besamim box, they are now ready to follow the ceremony itself, which is conducted for them in the beautiful and inspiring traditional melody.

Set up Fee: $100
Cost per Show: $98
Cost per child: $2