Tefillin Making

Recommended Age: 11 +
Duration: 45 minutes
Student Cap: 35 students

The job of a “Sofer”, or scribe, is usually something most students don’t think much about. However, after this experiential workshop, some students may consider a career change…

The students learn about the art and skills of Tefillin fabrication, including some of its hidden meanings. In a hands-on environment, parchment and Teffilin sets are examined closely and the process of Teffilin making, including the “Batim” leather housings for the parchment scrolls, is displayed step by step.

The students then perform the task of a Sofer and proofread copies of a Tefillin scroll, trying to catch out those mistakes! Finally, the students join the presenter in manufacturing real ink from scratch – something that has truly become a relic of the past…

Set up Fee: $100
Cost per Show: $98