Tallit/Tzizit Seminar

Recommended Age: 10 +
Duration: 45 minutes
Student Cap: max. 30 students
Students Take home: Tzitzit Knot

It’s always been an object of curiosity and a great conversation starter- those strings hanging out from under the Rabbi’s shirt. How are they made? What is their significance?

In this workshop, both the Tallit and the Tzitizit are explored. The participants delve into the origins of this Mitzvah and learn its nuances from the styles and colors to the ties of the strings. They will learn how to tie the complex looking knots and will leave armed with an illustrated instruction manual, as well as newfound knowledge about a Mitzvah that they have only been able to wonder about.

Set up Fee: $100
Cost per Show: $98
Cost per child: $2