Recommended Age: 4+ – 8th grade
Duration: 45m
Cap: 35
Take Home: class/group 1 set of lulov esrog

The hustle and bustle of a shuk (marketplace) is relived in the classroom. With the holiday of Sukkot fast approaching, the students go ‘shopping’ for the four species. Every specie has a distinct smell and texture which the children quickly discover during their ‘browsing’. The bumpy Etrog with its’ pleasant, sweet fragrance. The long, sharp spine of the Lulav, the small buds and thin leaves of the Haddasim and Aravot. The children are encouraged to create their own, perfect combination of the four species, using the traditional Lulav leaf rings to secure the bundle. For an added kick, this workshop is often conducted in the nearest Sukkah, where a leafy canopy provides the perfect backdrop to this enjoyable workshop.

Set up Fee: $100
Cost per Show: $98